when two unique visions meet, incredible things will happen


Join forces with Bjorn, the outcome will be amazing

Does you brand, company or product need a little extra to gain attention from the media, to amaze your customers or raise awareness of the public? Just arrange a meeting and sit down with Bjorn to discuss the possibilities of a unique collaboration. You’ll be fueled with ideas! Bjorn’s unique and out of the box mind will inspire you to step it up a noch. Nothing’s impossible according to Bjorn…

Dream big together! He has done it before and the results were stunning. What about a shower covered in Swarovski elements, stunning leather bags (instant collectors items), beautifully decorated leather gloves. Just name your product! Car interior? Champaign bottle? An exclusive limited collection? No is your chance to create extraordinary things!

Get inspired by Bjorn’s previous collaborations

Unique creations, custom projects to surprise and amaze you customers, check them out below:


When two unique visions gather, something beautiful happens… Joshua Reno is the lead designer and founder of the international brand Majesty Black worn by Madonna.

Joshua and Bjorn both have unique expertise and styles, which came together in two extraordinary pairs of high end fashion gloves. The first model is made of dark emerald green lambskin, decorated with studded elements and warm purple Zirkonia crystals. The second design radiates femininity and power, due to the slimming effect of the elongated gloves.


Two disciplines and two styles formed the ingredients for this original, elegant limited edition shower.

JEE-O izi go Limited Edition shower has a matt black finish, and is embellished with dark grey Swarovski faceted elements for a distinctive, sparkling effect. Taking a shower has never felt so luxurious.

Our shared passion, drive, creativity, and enthusiasm promise a great deal for the future.


Duo RAW, Sweden’s international avant-garde nightlife duo. These famous, extravagant “couture creatures” create an almost alternative world, find their existence between the top of the fashion industry, the arts and cul- club scene.

“We aspire to inspire, to arouse and to terrify.”- Duo-RAW

For this particular photo shoot with DUO Raw Bjorn produced two bespoke corset belts, which perfectly match the high-profile ‘looks’ DUO-Raw.


Bjorn has worked with Laurent Decreton, L’Oréal Hairstyling Ambassador, several times. Accessories like ear pieces and arm covers were developed by Bjorn van den Berg together with The Image Factory.

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Unlimited CreativityThe long-awaited launch of the cooperation between Barong Barong and Bjorn van den Berg.

The two creators, director / designer of Barong Barong Wiard Veldhuisen and Bjorn came up with beautiful leather unisex bags and classic look, all in an exceptional way arrangement with the typical studs and crystals Bjorn for a cool touch.