The Collection that broke records

his largest collection ever

The intense colors, eye-catching designs and exquisite details … The ‘Aphrodite’ collection by designer Bjorn van den Berg is not only his largest collection ever, it is also one of his most extravagant collections. With’Aphrodite’ Bjorn wanted to add deeper layers to his work and emphasize the exclusiveness. The collection includes 28 unique pieces. Mainly one of a kind items, with of course, a series of high-profile couture pieces, such as the corset and the tiara.

exclusivity and craftsmanship

The unique designs are made up of different elements of pure crystal to create a special 3D effect. Bjorn used different techniques. For the basis of the collection he developed a special form, which can be found in the entire collection in different formats, of which a large part was later trembled with a thin layer of 22 carat gold, emphasising herewith the collection’s exclusivity and craftsmanship.


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