Care Instructions

Cleaning, ware and care

Special items need special care. See below precautions to take give the best care to your unique Bjorn van den Berg jewlery:

  • Simple polishing with a brass or silver cloth may restore any tarnishing which may occur over time. Crystals and precious stones are delicate and your jewelry should be treated with care.
  • Avoiding contact with sharp objects, harsh chemicals (ie perfumes, hairspray and chlorine) and extreme heat including sunlight can prolong the life of your jewelry.
  • When dressing, place the jewelry on last as this prevents the jewelry from coming into contact with the above mentioned damaging chemicals.
  • It is also recommended that you not wear the jewelry in water as this can tarnish the appearance of the jewelry.
  • It is recommended you carefully wipe the jewelry with a soft jewelry cleaning cloth after wear to remove chemicals and oils. You can also polish the stones using a special jewelry polishing cloth to make your jewels look good as new.
  • Store jewelry in a dry place in the pouch provided as this helps avoid contact with other jewelry and objects which may scratch, chip, tarnish and damage your Bjorn van den Berg piece.