What is your story? Expressing yourself or your brand by showing your personality. Bjorn’s custom creations allow you to shape and accentuate your personality and to create an unique look, style or atmosphere. Bjorn can create the perfect tools to tell your story! From probs for shoots, commercials and campaigns, to stage wear or a complete interior makeover. He is used to work together with agency’s and production companies. If needed he can put together a team of the best creative people and to deliver a turn key project for you.

Personal branding and brand experience are important aspects of his work. Thanks to his extensive network of professionals, Bjorn can create the perfect concept to tell your story in every way. What stands out is definitely his attention to detail, passion for the job and years of experience. Working in the industry as a artdirector, designer and stylist. Bjorn’s creations are considered extravagant, innovative and with an international flair. They are desired among well-known artists, International clients and professionals in the fashion, music and beauty industry.