A glistening vision of feathery light as he revisits the beginning of his designs.

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A life of choice as he travels back and forth in time. Passionate moods were channeled as he released High Voltage and Fragile, but he didn’t stop, rose above by presenting; Maturity.

A glistening vision of feathery light as he revisits the beginning of his designs. The once so shattered and black becomes pure white and whole, capturing the essence of his new created future virgin with a romantic soul.

“A representation of all my past and present inspirations, hopes and dreams.”
Bjorn van den Berg

Organic shapes are firmly touching with a complexity of emotions shown through rougher textured layers on the skin. Classics transformed with the wisdom of previous lives. Crystal clear crystals are gracefully placed in plain sight. Some representing a powerful statement, others strategically spread out as they only reveal their spark, like a ray of light waiting to make their appearance, in the midst of the night.

For 2020, high-end jewelry designer, Bjorn van den Berg introduces a very personal collection consisting of twenty-seven hand-made pieces with a few very special collaboration pieces.

Worldwide known for his intricate craftsmanship, designer Bjorn van den Berg proudly presents not one, but two different corsets with this collection; his infamous full length and a crop model!

There’s more than meets the eye. For this collection the corsets are highlighted by their high gloss shimmering custom painted white base. A mix of materials such as; vegan leather as well as vegan feathers were used to emphasize new textures while showcasing a softer feminine shape. All clear crystals and platinum plated details are set by hand.

Custom-made from a brass base, the angled headpiece is a mixed seduction of vegan leather and vegan feathers featuring a platinum plated ornament on top.

A look of luxury and glamour come together with this classic yet modern version boa.  3000 off-white vegan feathers were hand-stitched onto an organza base to make this special on-off. But it’s all about the details. The finishing touch counts more than 2500 Swarovski crystals which were strategically placed and set by hand, one by one.


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