Something to give, something to share, something to cherish… 

Bjorn designs Limited Edition bottles for evian®

evian® and Bjorn van den Berg have joined forces and created a new collection of evian® Limited Edition bottles. Eleven years ago, evian® collaborated for the first time with a fashion designer, Christian Lacroix. This year, Bjorn van den Berg has given the evian® Limited Edition a surprising twist. The latest collection exudes elegance and exclusivity, thanks to the refined touch of Bjorn.

Bjorn was inspired by the holidays and together with evian® he developed a unique concept: ‘Something to give’, ‘Something to share’ and ‘Something to cherish’. The bottle is wrapped in a beautiful package (to give) and adorns the Christmas table during the holidays, where family and friends drink the water (to share) with each other. Finally, the exclusive crystal pendant can be disconnected from the bottle and given as a gift to a loved one (to cherish). The chain to which the crystal pendant can be attached can be found in the box. This is perhaps the most important element of the bottle; during the holidays it is all about sharing precious memories with family, friends and loved ones.

The design of the bottle is derived from one of Bjorn’s latest collections, called ‘Fragile’. In this collection the purity of human is central and clear crystals play the main role. This collection has been shown in several American television shows, including the talk show by Ellen DeGeneres and America’s Got Talent, and has been worn by celebrities such as Mel B and Viktoria Modesta. In addition, the pendant that is processed on the bottle comes from the exclusive prêt-a-porter collection of Bjorn, which he launched this fall.


Fashion statement

The evian® Limited Edition by Bjorn van den Berg is a real eyecatcher, a jewel on every table. Bjorn designed a special bracket for the evian® Limited Edition, made of rhodium, on which he carefully placed crystals. The neck of the bottle is provided with a beautiful decoration in the form of a cachet, also embracing the symbol of togetherness. Bjorn: “The design is powerful and pure. The craftsmanship of two disciplines – pure water and luxurious designs – is fused together and the crystal pendant provides the connection. “

About evian®

evian® natural mineral water originates from the heart of the French Alps, an unique geological area in the world. evian® natural mineral water is naturally pure and balanced and perfectly meets the hydration needs of everyone throughout the day.

Since 2007, evian® has created an annual Limited Edition bottle together with the world’s most prestigious designers, including Paul Smith, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake and Kenzo. In every collaboration, purity and playfulness are brought together in a festive way – a reinterpretation of the evian® spirit in art and design.