gold rush

With the details of the ancient myths of lost treasures as a source of inspiration, designer Bjorn van den Berg translated gold combined with black and brown crystals in combination with warm topaz highlights into an exclusive and bespoke range of jewelry and couture designs to celebrate the upcoming summer season.

He presents his new collection: GOLD RUSH. His most exclusive collection ever.

Let’s get the summer season started!

The GOLD RUSH collection reveals Bjorn’s craftsmanship in the authentic influences and patterns with a modern art deco look and feel, combined with high-end, luxurious materials and new used 3D-technics. The collection shows that he has grown as an individual and as a designer. His love for details is infinite and he proves that his vision is clearer than ever.


The color palette contains a warm gold, in combination with black, brown and fading topaz crystal tones. The colors are translated through countless hand-set crystals. For this collection, Bjorn was inspired by beautiful jewelry from the past. Bjorn: “We all know the beautiful and the mysterious sceneries around the old
myths and the lost treasures of the past, captured in documentaries. It is our own interpretation that bringsnthe collection to life.”

Bjorn was inspired by Cleopatra and the burial chambers of the Egyptians, among other things. These hidden treasure troves are often discovered by archaeologists. The discovery of such a treasure is an exciting moment, you might say that it gives a feeling of a rush. The name of this exuberant collection GOLD RUSH is derived from this. With his expertise and vision on design, Bjorn knows how to turn the magic of these special myths into a modern translation. He has used iconic elements in new designs and together this forms an interesting mix and detailed end result.


For SS 2022 designer Bjorn van den Berg introduces an exclusive jewelry collection.

A range of prêt-à-porter, limited editions in combination with spectacular couture items: these are the three components that serve as the base for the Gold Rush Collection. The collection contains twenty-one pieces in total.

Summer comes early this year, with a stunning prêt-à-porter collection. The collection has something for everyone. It contains a beautiful range of earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings. Bjorn: “The perfect match for every occasion and outfit.”

The prêt-à-porter collection will be available in the online boutique and through exclusive selling points. The limited editions are the true collector items. A spectacular waistbelt, pendant, bracelet, large earrings, all handset with black, brown crystals in various shapes and sizes and highlighted with warm topaz elements and a fine layer of pure 24k gold. The jewelry items are handmade, produced in limited numbers in our atelier in Europe.

Bjorn is known worldwide for his extravagant designs and style. For this collection he designed and exclusive range of detailed couture pieces: A signature corset, a set of arm cuffs and last, but not least: a crystal wig with countless details and beautiful structures.


The signature corset is the real showstopper of the collection: hand-trimmed with crystals and provided with several ornaments that are finished with a layer of 24k gold. For this spectacular piece, Bjorn selected the crystals by hand and the layered technique creates a beautiful contrast. The interesting mix of materials comes together nicely in the countless details and will definitely make a statement


To complete the collection, Bjorn created a crystal wig. It would have been a perfect fit for Cleopatra. He used several new technics to create a spectacular 3D-effect. More than 7.500 small crystals in warm topaz have been used in different lengths. The layering of the crystals creates a beautiful monogram effect. To finish the wig, ornaments where strategically placed on top and on both sides, set and embellished with brown and black crystals in various sizes, finished with a fine layer of 24k gold.


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