night rider

Designer Bjorn van den Berg presents his new couture collection: ‘NIGHT RIDER’. With this collection, he will take you on a journey to a new world that is both surreal and futuristic. New techniques and details are combined with luxurious materials and high-tech electronic elements. Merging details from a distant future and Bjorn’s luxe aesthetic is what brings this futuristic collection to life.


The colour palette contains a bright chrome silver in combination with crystal details in black, red and clear crystals. Some of the crystals are placed on a high gloss black base, while others are strategically placed to represent a powerful statement. The hard metals and chrome parts form a strong contrast, resembling in a fast bolt of red lightning traveling through the dark night. “The collection has a modern and futuristic look and feel. This has been beautifully incorporated into the colour palette and use of materials”, the designer states. “I was inspired by one of my favourite television series of the nighties, ‘Knight Rider’. As a tribute I named the collection ‘NIGHT RIDER’ .”To add a new layer to his designs, Bjorn used high-tech elements. He incorporated dozens of built-in micro LEDs into the design of his signature corset, making it possible to remotely light it up in five different colours, including the colour red. This creates a beautiful light contour and completes the design.


With ‘NIGHT RIDER’,  Bjorn van den Berg introduces a very personal collection consisting of seventeen hand-made pieces. The collection contains some very special collaboration pieces, like the corset, a signature piece from his work, and a controversial helmet, trimmed with dozens of crystals. The biker jacket and waist belt are real eyecatchers. With these statement pieces, the designer shows his typical and unique style through his new collection. Bjorn: “The chrome finish and several used metal parts complete the overall look and feel of this collection.”

Get carried away in a new, surreal world. A new era in which fashion and art become one

Sleekly designed lines and countless details in strategic places form a nice balance with the cool, futuristic materials. The streamlined helmet is a good example of this: A base created in black, with a high gloss finish and trimmed with red crystals. It is a real showstopper. Create the perfect iconic look with the signature corset and the cool biker jacket, ready to make a statement on an international stage, event or red carpet.


Bjorn has decided not to shoot a campaign for this collection. “I wanted the creations to speak for themselves”, he explains. “This collection could also be described as wearable art, it contains several one of a kind items, which are true collectables.” In addition, Bjorn chose to create an exclusive series of NFTs in collaboration with photographer Ivo de Kok. The NFTs will be available and released on the platform WISE-ART in the beginning of 2023.


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