the red rebellion

Collection inspired by contemporary elements of our society 

With the ‘Red Rebellion’ collection, originally intended as a personal project, Bjorn van den Berg  wants to add a new layer to his work and emphasize its exclusivity. The collection contains 8 one of a kind pieces. The countless details, passion and craftsmanship clearly reveal Bjorn van den Berg’s recognizable handwriting. Bjorn, famous for his powerful corsets, therefore created the Pièce de résistance from the ‘Red Rebellion’ collection: an amazing red corset.

The design comes alive

The collection is a clear counterpart of his previous collection, called ‘Aphrodite‘. In this collection gold tones, rich colors and superficiality were the upper tone, while the new collection featured the carefully chosen materials and sobriety, the metal shapes and cool shades. The designer has combined this with black, clear crystals and red accents. Bjorn independently developed a silhouette for this collection, which served as a base. He built this silhouette in different layers, thus creating a 3D effect of crystals and bullet-shaped elements. The design really comes alive.

The designer was inspired by various elements and current events within our society. The hardness of today’s society translates into the use of metal and bullet-shaped silhouettes. The sobriety is reflected in the color choice. The brightness of the crystals is a symbol of hope and the most important color of the collection – red – stands for life.

more power and mysticism

In April this year, Bjorn traveled to Los Angeles to shoot the campaign for his new collection again with top photographer Sequioa Emmanuelle. For the Red Rebellion collection, Bjorn chose the intimate setting of a studio. By doing this, the items and model – Guetha Boo’s top model from New York – got even more power and mysticism, which fits perfectly with the concept surrounding the collection and fits the vision of the designer.


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