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Once again, self-reflection proved to be one of the greatest sources of inspiration.

For his new collection, Bjorn van den Berg was inspired by the era in which we live at the moment. The designer was forced to rely on himself, as a person and as a creative. Once again, self-reflection proved to be one of the greatest sources of inspiration.

Instead of creating a complete new collection, Bjorn decided to revive the timeless designs from his ‘Decadence’ jewellery collection ,inspired with a clear vision and by creating some new couture pieces he wrote a new concept and directed a story that he wanted to reflect with the world.

This new collection reveals true craftsmanship and an interesting mix of combined high-end and luxurious materials translated in beautiful jewellery and couture pieces, which are handmade with spectacular details. It represents Bjorn’s vision on fashion and design in an pure and authentic way.

The colour palette consists clear cut crystals in different shapes and sizes, carefully placed in platinum settings, in combination with the soft black ostrich feathers.

The movement of the feathers and the reflection of the crystals create the perfect contrast and literally brings the collection to life.

Easy to style

This collection cherishes a kind of vulnerability, pure and modest. The designer wants to send a strong message with this collection and the new campaign, ‘‘Be shattered, not broken.”…. Standing strong Together.

On the other hand. Bjorn hopes to inspire the modern woman with his style, designs and campaign. Dress up, mix and match. His jewellery pieces are timeless and perfect for every occasion. Sophisticated, festive, chique and perfect for the upcoming holidays!

Couture pieces

Bjorn is worldwide known for his extravagant designs and style. For his new collection he designed an exclusive range of beautiful and detailed couture pieces: a signature corset with feathers, a feather boa and – last but not least – a crystal wig with countless details and beautiful structures.

Signature corset

Instead of his iconic high-gloss corsets, as we are used to from the designer, Bjorn decided to designed a corset traditional, boned with a pure and organic outlook. The base of the corset was handmade and covered with black ostrich feathers in different lengths, all stitched by hand and strategically placed which results in beautiful flowing organic structures. He used the same technique to create a matching boa, a special edition with more than 3000 ostrich feathers.

Crystal wig

To complete the collection, Bjorn created a crystal wig. Bjorn used over 6500 crystals in different sizes and lengths to create this spectacular crystal wig for the ‘Reflections’ collection. The layering of the crystals creates a beautiful 3D effect. The wig takes us back to the glamour of Hollywood and let us forget the chaos around us. It is the masterpiece of the collection and reflects the beauty around it.


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