A collection that stands for everything he is as a designer; edgy, trendsetting with a never ending, always renewing inspiration

Countless details. Silver in combination with soft color tones and a definite international flair. Designer Bjorn van den Berg presents his new collection: ‘Fragile’

The ‘Fragile’ collection reveals true craftsmanship and an interesting mix of countless details, combined with high end, luxurious materials, which makes this collection an excellent representation of Bjorn’s vision on fashion and design.


The color palette contains a bright silver, fading into light grey and taupe tones. The colors are translated through countless hand-set crystals. For this collection, Bjorn was inspired by the vulnerability of nature.

Bjorn: “We are all fragile and a bit vulnerable in our own way. This does not have to be a weakness, on the contrary, it can be translated into something quite powerful.” The designer created a character for his new collection: a spider with its body made out of fine crystals, which brings this collection literally to life.


Couture, limited editions and a prêt-a-porter are the three major components that serve as the base for the ‘Fragile’ collection. The collection exists of 25 pieces in total with a signature corset, crown and a body piece combined with a spectacular jacket set with an infinite number of crystals.

The limited collection is where you will find the collector’s items, such as spectacular clutches, chokers and belts, all covered with crystals. The items are produced in limited numbers only, handmade by the designer himself in his studio in Amsterdam.

With this collection, for the first time, in the month of May 2018, Bjorn will launch a prêt-a-porter collection which will be available and for sale through his soon to be launched online boutique.

International flair

In March this year, Bjorn travelled to Los Angeles and spent a complete month there, working on several projects. The first feedbacks on this new collection are very praising, as well as the reactions on the preview of the first sketches of the prêt-a-porter collection, received very enthusiastic reactions from Bjorn’s international contacts. The ‘Fragile’ collection isn’t even launched yet, and already requests are coming in from several well-known celebrity-stylists.

A perfect match

For the campaign, he collaborated with Dutch top model Loiza Lamers, who won Hollands Next Top Model in 2015. She shares Bjorn’s love for extraordinary designs and from the very start it was clear that this was a perfect match. Her beauty complements the stunning designs of the ‘Fragile Collection’. Combined with the music and special effects in the show reel, Bjorn dares to make a statement that will not stay unnoticed.

For this collection, Bjorn van den Berg decided to take the presentation to a next level. In addition to an already beautiful campaign, shot by photographer Hans Mooijer, Bjorn created a spectacular show reel in collaboration with NAAM producer. This video contains some amazing special effects and techniques, which literally bring the story to life.

Enjoy the story of this ‘Fragile’ element coming to life.


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