Royal greens

With the authentic glamour of old Hollywood and the Royal Crown jewels as an inspiration, designer Bjorn van den Berg translated silver platinum combined with clear crystals and emerald green high-lights into an exclusive range of jewelry with influences from the art nouveau and art deco eras.

He presents his new collection: ‘Royal Greens’.


An exclusive jewelry collection. A small range of Pret-A-Porter, Limited editions mixed in combination with spectacular couture items are the three components that serve as the base for the collection “Royal Greens”. The collection exists of 8 pieces in total, including an XXL large feather boa in the color emerald green and a crystal wig made by hand set with an infinite number of clear crystals.

The limited editions are true collector items, a spectacular necklace, a bracelet, large earrings, all handset with clear crystals in various shapes and sizes highlighted with emerald green elements. finished with a fine layer of pure platinum. The jewelry items are handmade produced in limited numbers, in our atelier in Europe.

Couture pieces

The base of the XXL feather boa was handmade and covered with emerald green ostrich feathers in different lengths, all strategically placed by hand which results in beautiful flowing organic structures

Crystal wig

To complete the collection, Bjorn created a crystal wig. Bjorn used over 6500 crystals in different sizes and lengths to create this spectacular crystal wig for the collection. The layering of the crystals creates a beautiful monogram 3D effect. It is the masterpiece of the collection and reflects the royal beauty around it.


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