Toxic green

The collection consists of fourteen controversial items, emerging from Bjorn’s diversity as a designer. From beautiful accessories as earrings and bracelets, to spectacular couture items with detailed finishing.

Bjorn was inspired by the fashion, music and film industry for this collection. The result is a mix of elements that still inspire him daily, for his designs and custom work. The different items not only complement each other, but are also very iconic in itself. One of the many eye-catchers in the collection is the extravagant corset. In this refined and exclusive design, are more than 350 stones incorporated into a beautiful pattern with countless details.

Bjorn also surprised with two beautiful evening dresses, which completed this high-end collection. The green dress is made of more than sixteen meters of fabric and is fully lined by hand. The dress is generous and has a luxurious look and feel. The black caftan dress is made of faux leather, in which Bjorn remains true to his own signature and links to his previous collections.

In total, more than 1500 crystals are incorporated in this exclusive collection and it counts more than 300 hours of handicraft.

Credits: Photography by Otto van den Toorn | Fashion & Styling Bjorn van den Berg | Make up by Vivienne de Rop | Hair by Marc Sew-atjon | Model: Ilena Ingwersen